Lend Your Ears… to MHE Social Media (for Shakespeare Day!)

by Mark Merz

April 23rd is globally recognized as the birthday of William Shakespeare – known throught the digital/social media world as “Shakespeare Day.”

This year, the School (Twitter handle: @McGrawHillK12) and Higher Education (Twitter handle: @MHHigherEd) social media teams are thrilled to be involved in a Shakespeare day Twitter Chat with the cast and producers of Complete Works – a new Hulu mini-series set in a collegiate Shakespeare competition.

Follow the Twitter conversation from 3:30-4:00pm EST today, April 23rd on the hashtag #CompleteWorks – full details on this fun event for any theatre, acting , or performance arts teachers, students, and fans below!

@CompleteWorksTV with questions from @McGrawHillK12 and @MHHigherEd
Follow the #CompleteWorks chat at: http://twubs.com/CompleteWorks

To learn about this fun, new series set in a collegiate Shakespeare competition, check out these clips:
Hulu Preview
Hulu Teaser #1
Hulu Teaser #2

Make sure you follow #CompleteWorks, @McGrawHillK12, and @MHHigherEd!

The members of the production team and cast participating in the #CompleteWorks discussion will be:
  • @joesofranko (Joe Sofranko – Hal Evans, Writer, Director)
  • @asnorth (Adam North – Writer, Director, Executive Producer)
  • @lilsfullz (Lili Fuller – Pauline Williams, Executive Producer)
  • @chilliamson (Chase Williamson – Oliver Belrose)
  • @lizziefabie (Lizzie Fabie – Regan Ariel Conrad)
  • @alexskinner (Alex Skinner – Leo Wood)
  • @bsidell (Ben Sidell – Ian Greenblatt)
The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  April 23 2014

Deepening Connections to Inspire Successful Learning Environments

  Kurt Strand, Senior Vice President,   MHHE
Kurt Strand

It’s clear today that we’re more densely networked than ever before, but less evident is the value of these connections. When our pool of contacts is wide but shallow, what is it really worth? At the heart of our mission at McGraw-Hill Education is the drive to deepen the connection between instructor, student, and institution. We’re convinced that a comprehensive understanding of student behavior ignites learning experiences that fuel success and inspiration.

But how can we nurture these connections?

Enter Connect Insight.

For some time, we’ve had access to reams of data on each student, but without analysis that data has little use. Connect Insight is the first-of-its-kind analytics tool that distills clear answers to these 5 questions and delivers them to instructors in at-a-glance snapshots:

  1. How are my students performing?
  2. How is this particular student performing?
  3. How is my section performing?
  4. How effective are my assignments?
  5. How effective is this particular assignment?

The focus is on utility: Connect Insight makes razor-sharp tie-ins between the analysis it provides and the decisions instructors make.

We pride ourselves on providing sophisticated technology that is intuitive and simple. Our elegant navigation allows professors to focus on what’s important: powering motivation within their classes.

John Wilson—President of Morehouse College and a former Obama administration staffer—has stated that armed with the right data, Teacher is thrust into the role of Advisor, more effectively propelling students toward success. I’m honored to be helping construct environments that are ripe for inspiration. McGraw-Hill Education is committed to providing tools that enable instructors to become more involved and engaged in student performance which, ultimately, fosters greater achievement for their students.

Kurt Strand
Senior Vice President, Products and Markets, McGraw-Hill Higher Education

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  April 14 2014

How to Flirt Smart: Tips to Charm and Chat Up The Opposite Sex (Use SmartBook!)

Need to up your game? A few smart tweaks to your pick-up strategy will have you chatting up the ladies like a pro.
When you’re too smart for an ebook, try SmartBook and don’t just work hard—work smart.

Watch this hilarious video:
The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  April 06 2014
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Are You Office Ready? How to be as Smart as the Suits (Use SmartBook!)

School is preparing you for the work force, but once you’re on the job, you may find yourself in a sticky situation. Think outside the box and don’t just work hard—work smart for success.

Check out SmartBook (your smarter alternative to an ebook).

Watch this hilarious video:
The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  April 06 2014
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Messy Roommate Troubles? Get Your Place Spotless by Getting Smart (And Use SmartBook!)

Get your messy roommate to clean up his act with some quick thinking and savvy strategies.
Too smart for an ebook? Don’t just work hard—work smart with SmartBook.

Watch this hilarious video:
The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  April 06 2014
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Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do—When You’re Smart (Use SmartBook!)

Is it time to call it quits on your relationship? Don’t get stressed; get smart!
SmartBook (the smart student’s alternative to an ebook) helps you to not just work hard, but to work smart!

Watch this hilarious video:

The Connect Team

By The Connect Team  |  April 06 2014
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